The fight against climate change and support of a sustainable development it´s one of our company´s major compromises. In Salamandra Luz we are compromised with the environment, waste management and recycling process. It is our duty to provide all our efforts and dedication towards a sustainable future without an expiration date set by climate change. As a result we have partnered with ECO RAE´s foundation to address potential electric and electrical equipment waste management problems (Nº producer 5344).

ECO-RAEE’S Foundation

ECO-RAEE’S FOUNDATION is an electric and electrical equipment waste management integrated system. Since it was founded in 2005 until this day, it represents to the Ministry of Industry, more than 400 member companies throughout the country, which provides coverage and advises on the collection, transfer, storage and treatment of waste electrical and electronic equipment. It is an environmental non-profit foundation founded of producers of electrical and electronic equipment. They must meet the objectives that set the new Royal Decree 110/2015 on waste electrical and electronic equipment, that came into force on February 21, 2015